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We are uncompromising in defending the Word of God and telling the world about the love of Jesus.  In a world full of compromise, there are some areas of your life and your faith where you need to have steadfast devotion to the everlasting principles of God.  Without these anchor points, we will find ourselves hopelessly adrift in society’s sea of changing principles.

   2. FAMILY

We are family. We desire to live life together as a family in all we do!  That means we are real in our struggles as we walk out life together.  We strive to extend grace and mercy towards others and value our differences as together “WE are the Body of Christ”.  We have fun, we are intentional about gathering together, and strive for growth and maturity.


We are Spirit-Filled. We live passionately pursuing the Holy Spirit and His leading. We make room in our services to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit’s prompting. We desire to see the supernatural power of God demonstrated through us each day as He develops our gifts and talents.


We are a people of worship and praise, seeking every opportunity to exalt the One who is worthy of all our praise.  We desire to set an atmosphere where you are free in your expressions of worship.


We are multi-generational. We feel every generation plays an important role in the family unit.  “One Generation Shall Praise Your Works to Another” Psalm 145:4.  We believe God has called us to nurture, mentor and disciple the next generation.  In turn the next generation causes growth, vitality and unconditional love in the current generation.


We are not just a friendly church, but a church where you can make friends, find community and feel accepted. ​Our desire is that we would be known by our love for each other.   We love without boundaries, we serve without strings, we give generously without fear.

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